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Repairs, Servicing, Maintenance, and repairs. (“Need it now” services.)

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Servicing, Maintenance, and Repairs. As a company who installs new air-conditioning systems, we often come across customers whose need for a new system could have been prevented. Regular servicing and maintenance can add years to the life of…
Winter Shutdown

'Winter shutdown Service' for the Evaporative Ducted units

Winter Shutdown Service - Evaporative Ducted Units Well, it's been a longer than usual Summer, but the cooler months are just around the corner. So if you've got an evaporative ducted air conditioning unit, it's time to consider what it will…
Life Hacks

Hacks - Life hacks

Life Hacks and Air Conditioning We all love a good life hack. Those little titbits that make our lives easier and happier. So this week we thought we'd share with you some simple and easy life hacks that relate to our favourite topic, air conditioning. 1.…

Efficiency Testing and Reporting Unit

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imanifold - Efficiency Testing and Reporting Have you ever wondered if your air-conditioning system is running as well as it could? Or if it's as efficient as it should be? And how can you tell? Most people rely on an air-conditioning technician…
Girl Studying

Quality air helping students perform better

It’s only human nature to seek comfort and consistency so if we’re able to have both, then focusing on more important things becomes much easier. Students are no different when they are studying for their exams. We all know how unbearably…

Air Conditioning Maintenance Checklist

Maintenance Checklist Did you know that pilots and surgeons who have been doing their job for years still use checklists before they start their work? These professionals need to go through their checklist to be sure they don’t miss anything…