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What Makes Ducted Gas Heating Better?

Some areas are experiencing rapid price increase in electricity. Thus, making electricity so much more expensive than gas. This makes natural gas heating such as ducted gas heating to be a cheaper alternative. And compared to other forms of heating, ducted gas heating is better for the environment since it produces fewer greenhouse emissions. As a matter of fact, the Australian Gas Association research saw this more environment-friendly type of heating produced just one-third of the emissions produced by black coal generated electricity.

Aside from being less harmful to the environment, ducted gas heating also has the upper hand compared to reverse cycle when it comes to reliability and efficiency too. Reverse cycle systems tend to lose its efficiency whenever the temperature drops. On the other hand, Braemar ducted gas heating systems maintain a warm and cosy temperature inside your home no matter how cold it is outside! Ducted gas heating maintains a warm temperature inside your home that won’t dry your eyes out regardless of outdoor climate. You will get to adjust to a temperature you’re most comfortable with to suit you and your family with just your fingertips!

If you’re ready to have ducted gas heating into your home, remember that the star ratings measure what percentage of gas used in the heating process is converted to heat. This means that a higher star rating will be a more efficient heater.

The Braemar Supernova Series – Ducted Gas Heating

Braemar Supernova Series 7 – The World’s First 7 Star Efficiency Ducted Gas Heater

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South Australian residents are now seeing the impact of high electricity costs now more than ever before. Quarterly power bills have soared through the roof over the last 10 years, so when you see a ducted gas heating that has an incredible 7-star energy efficiency rating, you have to pay attention! Braemar Supernova Series 7 is the world’s most energy efficient conventional ducted gas heater. With the help of groundbreaking technology and new age thinking, this product can provide efficiencies that were thought to be unachievable just a few years ago.

Braemar Supernova Series 6 – 6 Star Efficiency Ducted Gas Heater

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When purchasing air conditioning, we all look for something that is efficient, reliable and most of all affordable. But whenever we think about heating we think about the hefty price tag that comes with it too. But this is not the case with the Braemar Supernova Series 6. You will be amazed by the performance, efficiency, function and its price. At last, a heating solution that’s both efficient and budget friendly!

> Braemar Supernova Series 5 – 5 Star Efficiency Ducted Gas Heater

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The Braemar Supernova Series 5 is non-condensing. This means than the heater cabinet is significantly smaller compared to other five star heaters. Due to its more compact size, the installation is much easier and ultimately, cheaper. Other five star heaters on the market do not have this feature, so they still need to drain the condensate created by the heating process. Now, you won’t have to spend more to get the five-star efficiency!

Braemar Supernova Series 4 – 4 Star Efficiency Ducted Gas Heating

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Braemar Supernova Series 3 – 3 Star Efficiency Ducted Gas Heating

Choosing a ducted gas heating system for your home can be difficult with all the various choices available on the market. You won’t even know where to start! Good thing Ryan Ardill Airconditioning is a proudly South Australian owned business that knows that local market better than most. Plus we rely on a team of experienced and expert tradespeople who we know will take care of you from start to finish, service that you will be lucky to receive anywhere else.

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