If you are looking for simple and affordable options to cool your home these are the perfect options for you.

Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning

Ducted reverse cycle air conditioning has both an outside unit called a compressor (outdoor unit) and an inside unit (fan coil) inside the roof space. This inside unit is connected to ducting, outlets and zones within the home to heat and cool different areas. Depending on the controller function/mode chosen, hot or cold air is pumped to all rooms that have an outlet/zone. There are basically two types of compressors, inverter type and conventional type.

Why you should get this:

  • Removes impurities from the air
  • Gives you cleaner and fresher air
  • Provides you with a more precise temperature control
  • Low running cost

Reverse Cycle – Conventional Compressor

Conventional constant volume air conditioners do not have the technology that Inverter ducted reverse cycle air conditioner units have. A conventional type air conditioner is a basic on/off system, where it will run at 100% of its capacity until the room reaches the desired set temperature, and then will stop/start to maintain the desired temperature – this results in wasted energy and unnecessary power use when starting each time.

Why you should get this:

Easy to install
Comes in a variety of sizes
Commonly used in residential buildings

Reverse Cycle – Inverter Compressor

Inverter technology refers to the reverse cycle systems compressor, this is the working part of the outside unit. It works by varying its speed in order to maintain a consistent temperature inside. The compressor will increase to maximum speed once the system is turned on until selected temperature is reached, then it will adjust accordingly to keep the temperature constant. This way the system only uses the required amount of power to condition the room and no more – saving on your power bill.

Why you should get this:

  • Reaches desired temperature quicker
  • Faster start up time
  • Maintains a consistent temperature
  • Much quieter

Evaporative Cooling

Evaporative cooling systems have proven to be an ideal solution to Adelaide’s dry hot summers. Low running costs due to the efficient energy use results in the most easily affordable total home cooling solution. This is primarily due to the fact that evaporative cooling is a natural process that draws air from outside the home, and passes it through water saturated pads, thus cooling it, just like the ocean cools a sea breeze. Ducted evaporative cooling systems allow you to leave windows and doors open, making for a fresher, much healthier atmosphere.

Why you should get this:

  • Low running cost
  • Uses less electricity than the conventional type air conditioning
  • Less Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions