What Air Conditioner Is Best For My Home?

The hot and dry summer heat in South Australia virtually requires us to have a cooling system in our homes. It’s almost a necessity. With all the air conditioning options out there in the Adelaide market it can be difficult to choose which one would be the best for your home. We hear about our friends and families enthuse about their air conditioning system at home and how good and reliable it is but will that work for us too? Choosing one depends on various things like the size of your home and your budget. It’s always good to research and ask an expert first before installing an air conditioning system in your home. After all, air conditioning systems can be expensive therefore it is considered as an investment. It’s important to be informed about the strengths and weaknesses of the system that you are getting before having it installed in your home. We have made this guide for you so that you will be able to make an informed choice on which air conditioning system to get for your home.

Split System Air Conditioning

Split system air conditioners are ideal for air conditioning one room. It can be either wall-mounted or a compact floor standing unit. It consists of two parts: an outdoor cabinet and the indoor unit. The outdoor cabinet is installed outside the space you intend to cool. Although the initial cost is high, you will save a significant amount of money on your energy bill due to its cost efficiency.


  • Cost effective
  • Low energy consumption
  • Quiet


  • Initial cost can be expensive
  • Cools only the room it is in
  • The outdoor cabinet can be unsightly

Ducted Air Conditioning System

With ducted air conditioning you will get to enjoy the convenience and comfort of discreet air conditioning with one LCD screen. You will be able to control the temperature of just one room or maintain one temperature for the whole house. It is quiet, efficient and easy to control. It also operates on less power so energy consumption is not as much compared to other air conditioning systems.


  • The quietest of all air conditioning types.
  • Easy to control
  • No hot or cold spots in your office
  • Not visible so it does not disrupt the overall look of the place


  • Expensive to install
  • Cannot be installed in smaller houses because of inadequate space

In conclusion, both of Split System and Ducted air conditioning systems are good options. They are both energy efficient, have a low running cost and “do the job”. But it all depends on what you need. If you have a smaller space, split air conditioning might be the one for you. It’s perfect for cooling just one room. But if you have a bigger home and would love to have the convenience of controlling the temperature of every room with just one device then a Ducted system would suit you the best. Both systems require ongoing maintenance to ensure the longevity of the system and to make sure they are running at peak performance. Now, it us up to you to decide which system to install in your home!